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Who are we?

Located in the beautiful rural area of the Paute valley half an hour from Cuenca we are a local butchers that sources it meat from known local producers ensuring the highest quality of meat.



Alicia and Julian are an Ecuadorian / English couple who came over to Ecuador together for the first time in 2004 on honeymoon. Now living and working in and around Cuenca, Ecuador we aim to supply the best quality butchered cuts of meat we know is in demand from our clients not offered anywhere else.

Our Meats - Beef

Beef - Meat as it should be !


Beef has many primal sections such as the Chuck, Ribs, Short Loin, Sirloin, Round, Flank, Short Plate, Brisket and Shank.


Beef is also graded into three categories, ‘Prime’ has the most marbling followed by’ choice’ then ‘select’. Only 4% of the meat qualifies to be graded as prime, these are the steak house or butcher quality meats which we specialise in. Rib eye, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Sirloin and fillet. These Prime cuts are the best for grilling because the marbling melts as it cooks and infuses the meat with flavour whilst keeping it moist.

The Rib Eye is found in this large section of the rib roast and is cut into sections of at least 2.5cm to 3cm thick – this is a favourite of serious steak lovers! The texture is soft and tender and you can grill this on or off the bone. The Rib Eye is cut from the small end of the rib roast it has a higher fat content so it is best to grill this from medium to medium rare rather than rare and if you like your steak on the well done side the rib eye is a great choice as it’s so beautifully marbled with fat.

The next section going towards the tail is called the Short Loin, here is the Porterhouse which is a steak made of two cuts, the tenderloin (fillet) and the top loin often referred to as the strip or NY strip steak. The Porterhouse steak is the king cut for grilling because this cut can be quite generous – its usually 3 to 6cm thick and it can serve two or more people.

The T-Bone is next to the Porterhouse, its similarly shaped also made up of fillet and top loin but smaller than the Porterhouse and usually cut thinner.

The tenderloin or fillet is usually cut into thick round steaks 5 to 8cm high and trimmed of all fat. Loin means ‘lean’ and the tenderloin is the leanest of all beef. Lean cuts should generally be cooked from medium rare or rare as the meat dries out the more It’s cooked.

The Sirloin is the next section towards the tail. These cuts are some of the most flavoursome cuts of beef and are readily available both on or off the bone . ‘Bone in’ offers flavour to the meat as it infuses the juice and renders the meat with even more juices. Either way sirloin is leaner than other prime cuts and it’s a firmer texture. Sirloin is cut into either individual steaks as well as larger steaks perfect for several people. A thick cut sirloin can take upto half an hour to grill.

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We ensure our lamb is naturally reared outdoors, matured for a minimum of ten days for extra tenderness.

Enjoy our full range of top quality grass-fed lamb steaks and chops, lamb roasting joints and lamb legs together with our Lamb Burgers and Minced and Diced Lamb.


It's our attention to detail that makes our pork so succulent and moreish.

Choose from our large selection of outdoor reared, pork chops and steaks, pork roasting joints, pork burgers and minced and diced pork. And for the perfect start to your day, why not try our tasty pork sausages made in-house or our hand-cured bacon.

Cured Meats

We are committed to making and supplying truly crafted delicacies.

Dedicated to remaining small-scale, perpetuating an artisan approach, and striving to make excellent charcuterie in Ecuador.


Let your taste buds come alive with our fantastic range.

Specialises in sourcing, developing and producing products that are wonderful accompaniments to a range of delicious meat dishes.