Valley Farm Butchers


Leg of lamb

  • Feed a crowd: this is a good, generous cut for a family roast - a leg of lamb has lots of lean, tender meat to tuck into.
  • Often cooked on the bone, leg of lamb can also be boned and rolled.
  • This versatile cut can be roasted hot and fast or long and slow until the meat falls off the bone.


Shoulder of Lamb

  • Economical: shoulder of lamb is more economical than leg, as it carries a little more fat, making for succulent meat.
  • This cut comes from the fore end of the lamb, is full of flavour and suited to long, slow cooking.
  • The blade bone running through the centre of the shoulder can make carving tricky. Make sure your knife is sharp when carving, or try cooking easy-carve shoulders where the blade bone has been removed.


Rack of Lamb

  • Special occasion: rack of lamb is a prime cut and makes an impressive centrepiece on the dinner table. It cooks quickly so is good for when you're short on time.
  • The rack is also known as 'best end', and comes from the middle of the lamb. A whole rack has 6 or 7 chops, with individual rib chops known as lamb cutlets.
  • Coat in a crust of herbs and breadcrumbs before roasting, or for some wow factor, buy two racks and we can tie them into a 'guard of honour' for you.